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Northserve ผลิต และ จำหน่าย เทปกาวอุตสาหกรรม, เทปกาว, kapton tape, kraft tape คุณภาพสูง


ผลิต จำหน่าย เทปกาว เทปกาวอุตสาหกรรม kapton tape คุณภาพสูง

3M VHB 4920

P/N : 3M VHB 4920

Double Sided Tapes

Badge & Trim Mounting
Security Glazing
Exhibition Work
Gasket Manufacture• Point Of Sale Displays
Sign Manufacture & Mounting
Mirror Mounting
Fixing Furniture Trim

Adhesive Types
Modified Solvent Acrylics – Pure Acrylic – Emulsion Acrylic – Hot Melt Rubber – Solvent Rubber – Perm/Peel – Peel/Peel

Adhesive Carriers
Tissue – Polyester – PVC – Polypropylene – Scrim Filament – Cloth

Flush Edge – Fingerlifted – Bobbin Wound – Wide Width – Narrow Width – Die Cut
Sheeted – Laminated

Double Sided Tape Product Characteristics
UV Resistant – Plasticiser Migration Resistant – High Shear Adhesion
High Temperature Resistant – A Replacement For Mechanical Fixings

Double Sided Foam Tape

Sign Mounting & Construction
Furniture Trim Mounting
Exhibition & Point Of Sale
Badge & Trim Mounting
Folder Assembly
Print Finishing
Gasket Production
Renovation & Construction

Foam Types
PVC – Polyethylene – Polyurethane - EPDM – Neoprene
Soft – Medium – Hard density foam construction
Open or closed cell

Adhesive Types
Acrylic – Rubber – Scrim – Scrim Reinforced

Black – White – Grey – Clear

Presented as:
33M length standard