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Bonding Considerations

Before you can perform the successful bonding of any two substrates it is essential you know the basics prior to choosing your product. Use our useful checklist to ensure you have got it right from the start.

Are your surfaces...
Q. Uneven or irregular?
A. Consider using a foam tape on uneven or irregular surfaces to absorb any surface imperfections. This will ensure maximum surface coverage.

Q. Contaminated?
A. Clean both substrates with isopropanol wipes or white spirit. Ensure you remove any traces of dust, grease or oil prior to application.

Q. Hot or Cold?
A. Make sure you have a good application temperature. Most adhesive tapes prefer to be applied at 30-40oC. Too cold and the adhesive will harden. Too hot and the adhesive could fail.

Q. Plasticised?
A. Choose a high performance acrylic based adhesive tape to withstand the harmful plasticiser present in most flexible plastics.

Q. Painted or Powder Coated?
A. Establish the contents of your paint or coating. This will determine which product to use. Generally an adhesive tape with a modified acrylic adhesive system works best.


The more flexible the plastic, the greater the chance of plasticiser migration. In these circumstances an acrylic adhesive is required to withstand this harmful plasticiser. The list of double sided products are recommended specifically for the bonding of both rigid and semi rigid plastics.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:

Bonding card or paper

However, particularly in the print finishing industry, the card or paper is lacquered or has a high UV varnish finish. This is a particularly difficult application as the UV varnish prevents the adhesive from bonding. The 500 product is particularly good in these circumstances and specification sheets for this product and other recommended products are listed to the left.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:
Laminated Board
Untreated Card or Paper
Foiled Card
Tissue Papers
Fluted Board


Known as VHB or (very high bond), these adhesive tapes have aided manufacturing processes by cutting down production times and in turn reduced costs. The products listed are recommended precisely for these demanding applications.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:
Stainless Steel
Silver Foil

Rubber, sponge and foams

Open cell foams react particularly well with transfer adhesives and closed cell foams with reinforced adhesives or films. Solid rubbers and silicone sponge (using primers) can also be bonded with a selection of products, some of which are listed to the left.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:
Commercial Rubber


Assisting in the manufacture of fabric swatch cards and pattern book assembly has also fallen within our remit. A selection of our favoured products is listed to the left for your information. Samples for any of these tapes are available upon request.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:
Ribbon & Bows
Roller Blind Material

Low surface energy substrates

Sourcing double sided tapes for these types of applications has taken years of trials and support from manufacturers such as Nitto has enabled us to satisfy some of the most technical bonding issues. Products we now suggest for use on these substrates are listed on the left.

We have adhesive tapes for bonding:
ABS Plastics